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Look development, training, consultancy

We help you create a unique style

Look development

9to3animation specializes in imagination based 2D and 3D visualizations. We create non-photorealistic designs for film and animation studios, advertising and branding agencies, architects, and real estate managers. Based on your wishes we develop a unique look to enhance your project, brand or film. Either in a singular image to showcase a product or concept, or by developing a complete style to add long-lasting characteristics to your visuals and animation films.

Imagination Based Rendering

Our design approach is rooted in the characteristics of every artwork, using special brush strokes, crosshatched shadows, or shiny surfaces. Existing rendering software had its limits to express this vividness consistently. Therefore we developed Imagination Based Rendering (IBR) in response to Physically Based Rendering (PBR).

Also we are the early adopter of the stylized rendering plugin for Pixar’s RenderMan software. We assisted with the development of the RenderMan toolset for 3D animation applications like Maya, Katana, and Houdini. The plugin is available since March 2021 and offers a range of instruments to create your own IBR style.


As frontrunner in Imagination Based Rendering we established 9to3animation as an innovative studio, mixing 2D and 3D storytelling. We work with directors, project teams and animation studios within an international context. In different project phases we offer consultancy and interim management to develop and implement imagination based styling in your way of working. This varies from developing a Proof of Concept to a long-term cooperation to embed IBR in your organization or project team. 


To master the new stylized RenderMan plugin, we offer tutorials, (online) live support, and training. The tutorials are available via our YouTube channel.

The training is developed for 1-on-on or (in-company) groups, and has an introduction course and an expert level. It also possible to customize the training according to your wishes. See below for details.

Introduction Course

The introduction course is ideal for small studios and students who want a quick start on how to work with the RenderMan Stylized Tools. We developed this course for (aspiring) 2D artists and look-developers who wish to extend their rendering skills. After this 8 week course, you will be able to set up and render your own stylized look with RenderMan. We will provide you a complete set of assets to help you develop your unique Imagination Based Rendering style. The training is available for teams and in a 1-on-1 setting.

Live online via Zoom
Duration: 8 weeks
Includes weekly: 1h Q&A, 1h instruction video, personal feedback video

Expert Training

Our Expert Training focuses on film and animation studios that already have a project that has a specific style. We provide the knowledge 2D artists and look-developers need to extend their skills with Imagination Based Rendering. During this 8 week training we will teach you what questions to ask and how to answer them. We explore the multiple possibilities of the stylized RenderMan plugin, or our NUKE toolset for render-agnostic workflows. The training is available for teams and in a 1-on-1 setting.

Live online via Zoom
Duration: 8 weeks
Includes weekly: 1h Q&A, 1h instruction video, personal feedback video