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A unique style for everyone

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Imagination Based Rendering

enhance your animated film or architecture project

Custom design and development

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Training and Tutorials

Master the new stylized RenderMan plugin

9to3animation is an a-typical studio, based in The Netherlands, with a passion for creating a unique style for everyone. Either in a custom made 3D design for your architecture or animated film or in helping you develop your own style and configure the rendering software to enable these specific features in a 3D environment.

Our Services

We offer tailormade styling for architecture and product visualizations and provide consultancy and training to film and animation studios. We help you create a unique look that stands out and brings your story to life.

Stand out with Imagination Based Rendering

We specialize in Imagination Based Rendering in response to Physically Based Rendering (PBR). Our design approach is rooted in the characteristics of every artwork using unique brush strokes, crosshatched shadows, or fluffy volumes. Existing rendering software had its limits to express this vividness consistently. Therefore 9to3animation is the early adopter of a stylized rendering plug-in for Pixar’s RenderMan software, developed by Lollipop Shaders. In close collaboration with Christos Obretenov from Lollipop Shaders, 9to3animation assisted with the development of the RenderMan toolset for 3D animation applications like Maya, Katana, and Houdini. The plugin is available since May 2021 and offers a range of instruments to create your own Imagination Based Rendering style.

"At 9to3animation, we believe in the power of imagination. A space without boundaries where characters, buildings, and whole worlds come to life. It leaves room for interpretation and stimulates curiosity for meaning and perspective."

Looking for a unique style?