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We believe in the power of imagination

At 9to3animation, we believe in the power of imagination. A space without boundaries where characters, buildings, and whole worlds come to life. It leaves room for interpretation and stimulates curiosity for meaning and perspective. 9to3animation is an a-typical studio, based in The Netherlands, with a passion for creating a unique style for everyone. Either in a custom made 3D-design for your architecture or animated film or in helping you develop your own style and configure the rendering software to enable these specific features in a 3D environment.

"A unique style is like your personal fingerprint.
Outstanding. Recognizable. True."

Ernst Janssen Groesbeek

Meet the Team

Educated at Delft University with an MSc in Architecture and Architectural Engineering, specializing in Computer Visualizations, Ernst Janssen Groesbeek started contributing to the Graphics and Animation industry as an Assistant professor at the Chair Design Informatics, Faculty of Architecture at Delft University. He set up the minor Imagination focused on animated filmmaking. After educating students for 18 years, he founded 9to3animation in 2014. To expand his knowledge and creative endeavours. He continued his career by designing and developing imagination-based – non-photoreal – shading and lighting methods that are used in several national and international productions. In 2017 he met Christos Obretenov of Lollipop Shaders, Canada. Together they set out on a journey to explore the possibilities of Imagination Based Rendering. They are the early adopters of Pixar’s RenderMan plug-in that enables film and animation studio’s to create their own unique style. Hristo Arabadzhiyiski's contribution to the team is that of a 3D specialist with a drive for bold non-photoreal stylization and expressive qualities.

Ernst Janssen Groesbeek

Christos Obretenov

Hristo Arabadzhiyski

We specialize in

At 9to3animation we specialize in a broad variety of 3D software, like Blender, Maya, Katana, Nuke and Houdini, but our approach of Imagination Based Rendering is software independent. Rather, we help you integrate a stylized way of rendering and working in your project or work flow. 

For any questions or custom shading
and rendering needs