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FMX: How to apply Imagination Based Rendering in Houdini

May 2021

Guest speakers at FMX 2021

In a presentation, that was given at FMX in May 2021, Pixar’s lead developer of the RenderMan for Houdini plugin, Sarah Forcier, shows where state-of-the-art rendering technology is headed in the new version of RenderMan 24, with updates on XPU, Lama, and other major features. She is accompanied by guest speakers Ernst Janssen Groesbeek and Hristo Arabadzhiyski from 9to3Animation.

Tool for broad Look Development

During a deep dive into Stylized Looks you learn how advancements in Imagination Based Rendering are set to transform RenderMan into a tool for broad look development, delivering everything from photorealism to new kinds of Stylized Looks. Together we show examples of how Stylized Looks can be created interactively with Houdini.

Versatile and artist-friendly

Our approach enables a wide range of stylized treatments of scenes quickly, efficiently, and procedurally. We showcase how we have emulated traditional media with these tools, and how our workflow for Stylized Looks is both versatile and artist-friendly.

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