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9to3Animation develops RenderMan Demo Tutorial for Katana

July 2021

RenderMan for Katana

Katana's look development environment combined with RenderMan's rendering technology come together to offer the user a remarkable out-of-the-box experience for high-end lighting and rendering. RenderMan for Katana provides seamless access to RenderMan's powerful rendering system for beginners and advanced users, who can take advantage of the plugin's flexibility to create an optimal, customized pipeline.

Collection of plugins, nodes, macros and tools

The RenderMan Stylized Looks plugin for Katana plays a dual role in a production pipeline. It is the bridge by which a user generates rendered images from a Katana scene as well as the provider of access to the tools for building the 3D elements within the scene. Although RenderMan for Katana is generally referred to as a ‘plugin’, it is in actually a collection of plugins, nodes, macros and other tools which together allow the Katana user full access to Pixar RenderMan’s rendering system. 

Demo Tutorial to create Stylized Looks

The RenderMan website offers access to a variety of tutorials that are applicable to the various 3D software: Katana, Maya, Houdini, Blender and Tractor. 9to3Animation developed a Demo Tutorial for beginners to create stylized looks in Katana.

Watch Demo